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          lead the nation
          that’s leading the nation

          currently ranked in the top 10 of u.s. public universities, uf is a leading research institution with more than 200 outstanding opportunities for graduate education. with more than 12,000 graduate students, 3,000 graduate faculty and $928 million in research funding, uf is a powerhouse of higher education in discovery, enterprise and innovation.

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          uf is ranked #8 out of the top 50 doctorate granting universities in the u.s. (national science foundation, survey of earned doctorates)


          uf is ranked #4 out of 377 institutions for awarding doctoral degrees to black or african american students.


          uf is ranked #2 in the top-20 institutions granting doctorates in the life sciences, ranking just behind harvard. (national science foundation, survey of earned doctorates)

          when there’s no limit to your research, there’s no telling what you’ll discover

          uf’s graduate programs have produced generations of professionals and a culture of excellence in collaborative research. here, we bounce ideas off one another, test them, question them, break them and remake them. then we start on the next challenge. because together, gators are contributing more and making a greater difference.


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